Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Matties babies- Day 11

It's now been a week and a half since Mattie had her three babies. You have to start holding baby hedgehogs way before there weaned if you want them to be use to people so today I start holding the little ones. I only held them briefly since this was there first time being held. These four pictures are of the same baby.

Mattie's babies- Week one.

On April 11th Mattie had three babies. She seemed to be a good mother. She was very protective. The first few nights she would move her food dish in front of the entrance to the nest box. On the second day I found her eating and took the opportunity to get a picture of the babies.

Hedgehog Breeding/Weighing In

It's been about six weeks since I weighed the hedgehogs before getting them ready to breed. We will follow Mattie who will be a first time mom. Mattie is a beautiful salt and pepper pinto. She is a big girl at about 20 oz. As you can see from the pictures she wanted nothing to do with staying put. You get real fast at reading the numbers before there out of there.